Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The protection of private and confidential information is fundamental to Church Resources. Church Resources is committed to safeguarding the personal information it holds on behalf of its members and viewers and is committed to do so in accordance with the requirements of the National Privacy Principles (NPP's) of the Privacy Act 1988.

This statement sets out Church Resources' policy relating to the collection, storage, access and use of personal information for all sites that form part of the network of Church Resources digital sites. For a list of all such sites or to find out more about these sites, visit or

2. How does Church Resources collect personal information?

Church Resources operates the Website. The Website allows viewers to subscribe to become members, subscribe to newsletters and to submit comments. Where a viewer subscribes to, or submits a comment, the viewer must provide a name and email address for the purpose of identifying the viewer, which assists the Website's editorial and moderation process.

3. What if a viewer does not want to provide personal information?

A viewer is not under any obligation to provide his or her personal information to Church Resources. However, if a person does not provide their personal information they may not be able to access requested product or services, or submit and have posted any comments submitted on news articles and the like. Similarly, Church Resources may also refuse to post comments submitted where false or misleading personal information is supplied or where the aims or commercial activity of Church Resources is undermined or threatened.

4. What kind of personal information does Church Resources store?

The personal information we collect from the Website and store may include (but is not limited to), name, address, contact details, religion, gender, occupation, company and if relevant, financial information, including credit card information and banking details.

How will Church Resources use Personal Information?
Unless a viewer consents, Church Resources will only use personal information collected from the Website for the purpose of identifying and directly contacting the viewer.

However your personal information may also be used in order to:

  • provide the services and information you require;
  • administer and manage those services,( including charging billing and collecting Debts if required);
  • inform you of CR activities, events, facilities and services;
  • provide the viewer with news articles, or other materials
  • conduct appropriate checks for credit worthiness and for fraud;
  • research, develop and expand our facilities and services;
  • gain an understanding of our members', and viewers needs to provide a better service in all its areas of activities;
  • maintain and develop our internal systems and infrastructure including upgrading of these systems;
  • the personal information may also be collected to promote and market other services that we consider important or beneficial to our members and viewers, or not for profit status
  • process your recruitment application and conduct research into the recruitment process.

Accordingly, Church Resources may write to any email address supplied by a viewer to confirm that the email address is genuine.

5. Your Access to Personal Information

Any viewer may retrieve a copy of the personal information Church Resources holds about that viewer by contacting Church Resources using the email address that the viewer supplied at

6. Will Personal Information be disclosed to anyone else?

When posting a comment a viewer has submitted on the Website, Church Resources will post the viewer's name next to the comment to identify to other viewers who has submitted the comment. Church Resources will not post a viewer's email address unless the viewer has requested Church Resource to do so. Church Resources & Partners Other than the above, Church Resources is not required in the course of its operations to disclose personal information to any outside parties. In certain circumstances, Church Resources may be compelled by law to disclose personal information to various authorities, such as where Church Resources is compelled to disclose the personal information by a warrant.

Church Resources uses the information supplied for the purpose given. Church Resources does not sell, rent or trade personal information collected from the Website to or with third parties.

7. How is Personal Information protected?

Church Resources takes reasonable steps to protect any personal information that it holds from misuse and loss. It also protects that information from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. Only a viewer can access his or her personal information.

Church Resources further protects the personal information by educating its employees and volunteers about this Privacy Policy and the handling of personal information.

Church Resource maintains physical security, such as locks and security systems, over our electronic data stores and premises. It also maintains computer and network security, for example firewalls (security measures for the Internet), and other security measures, such as identification codes and passwords, to control access to computer systems.

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Church Resources may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please periodically review the Privacy Policy for any changes.

9. More Information?

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or would like more information about the way Church Resources manages personal information, or if you wish to make a complaint about how Church Resources have handled personal information about you, please contact our Privacy Officer, using the following contact details.

10. How Current is our Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 29 June 2011

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